Debt Information

If you are behind on payments for your rent, mortgage, council tax, utilities, tv license, essential goods or vehicles on hire purchase, or have benefit overpayments on benefits you still receive (If you wish to challenge an overpayment decision please see the benefits section of this site) or you have Magistrates Court fines, income tax or national insurance debts or Child Support Arrears- these are Priority Debts, and need to be dealt with urgently to prevent enforcement of the debts.

If you are behind with credit debts, such as credit cards, overdrafts, catalogues, previous property arrears for rent or utilities, or other types of debt, these are Non-Priority Debts, this does not mean you do not have to pay them, it just means that these creditors will need to go through county court to enforce these debts. If you have received court papers, or can no longer make payments on a County Court Judgment (CCJ) you should seek advice immediately.

If you are being contacted by Bailiffs in relation to a debt, they often do not have the right to force entry into your home and letting a bailiff in could affect your rights. Always seek professional advice before letting a bailiff into your home.

If you are paying somebody else to manage your debts, you could find there are cheaper or more appropriate options available to you.

There is lots of information on debt issues below, or there is free generalist and specialist advice available locally.

Free Specialist Debt Advice is available across Hull and the East Riding, from the Citizens Advice Bureau.

People with a HU postcode can make themselves a specialist appointment by calling 01482 226859 (Advice is not given on this line, you would be made an appointment), or fill in this form to be called back with an appointment

Debt Appointment Request Form

East riding Residents need to first undertake an initial assessment with the General Advice Service, either at drop in (details on Hull and East Riding CAB page), or via the telephone Advice Line -0300 3300888

Useful websites to visit

General Issues

The following websites offer useful help and information concerned with general information on Debt. Click on the name to go to their website.

Rent Arrears

The below websites are useful for details on dealing with rent arrears.

  • Citizens Advice - Useful information on the Citizens Advice own website.
  • Shelter - Advice from the housing and homeless charity.

Mortgage Problems

See below for a list of places you can use to find help if you are experiencing issues with mortgages.

  • Citizens Advice - Use the Citizens Advice own website for more information.
  • Money Advice Service - Mortgages and buying property, renting a property or letting out your home - get practical impartial advice.
  • Shelter - More information from the homeless and housing charity.

Credit Cards

Get help and guidance from the below organisations.

  • Citizens Advice - Use Adviceguide, the Citizens Advice website to get help.
  • Money Advice Service - Choosing and using an account or card, fees to watch out for and how to avoid running up debts.


Useful help can be found by using the below organisations if you are worried about bankruptcy.

  • Citizens Advice - Help with money management from Adviceguide, the Citizens Advice own site.
  • - More information on court claims, debt and bankruptcy.

If you have a Debt issue there are details of advice providers available below, and websites providing information about Debt here.

Specialist Debt Advice Providers what's this?

Citizens Advice, Hull and East Riding
Citizens Advice, Hull and East Riding is an independent charity providing free advice for the problems people face, helping them find a way forward

General Debt Advice Providers what's this?

Cherry Tree Community Association
The mission of The Cherry Tree Community association is to provide top quality legal advice and assistance in welfare benefits, debt advice, consumer advice, employment advice and advocacy in order to set the best outcome for our clients.
Goodwin Development Trust / The Royal British Legion
We are a locally controlled and accountable organisation, committed to improving the Quality of Life within communities through identifying and addressing the needs of local people and by working in partnership with them and with statutory, voluntary and professional organisations.
Hull Advice
Hull Advice is part of Hull City Council's Customer Service team. It provides a drop in service for Hull residents that gives advice on a whole range of issues including benefits, debt, housing, family, community care and employment. The Hull Advice team works on behalf of the customer, even if the customer has a dispute with the Council.

Debt Information Advice Providers what's this?

Age UK Hull
Age UK Hull: promoting independent living and active ageing in Hull, and local services for local people.
East Riding of Yorkshire Council
The money advice team are available to help any resident in the East Riding struggling with rent and/or council tax payments or repaying overpaid housing benefit.
JC Ready 4 Work. Ltd
JC Ready 4 Work Ltd is a non-profit organisation which was established in 2012 to provide mentoring programs for individuals with multiple barriers to employment and personal well-being within the local communities of Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire. These could be in the form of IT assistance, personal development, first aid courses, help gaining CSCS cards, or just assistance in improving confidence. We tailor our help to the individual more than we make the individual fit a pattern, so our assistance to those in need is very varied.
The Warren
We are a free, city centre based, city wide service available to all young people aged 14 - 25 years.