Thinking about volunteering?
Whether you are considering volunteering because you want to be part of a group and enjoy the social opportunities volunteering can provide, or you are looking to re-train while getting on-the-job experience, there are many opportunities within the Advice Forward Partnership.

Age UK has are a variety of opportunities to be involved in volunteering. With over 150 volunteers, including The Bee Lady who at over 93 raises funds for the organisation. There are some positions that require a minimal amount of training. All information and advice volunteering roles involve a specific training around Welfare Benefits, Community Care, Information and Advice induction and Skill packs. Age UK Nationally produce the training packs and provide specific training events to keep the staff and volunteers updated. The training has to be completed and signed off before anyone can practice.

For more information on volunteering for Age UK, please follow the links below:
Volunteer Age UK East Riding
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Citizens Advice, Hull and East Riding
Our volunteers come from all sorts of backgrounds and help with everything we do. Our volunteers benefit from the experience too, for example 9 in 10 volunteers believe it helps them to move into employment or education.
We are looking for volunteers to fill the following roles:
Administrator- There are many different administrative roles - we can match your skills and time availability to the needs of the service.
Quick Adviser– trained to quickly assess the next appropriate step for the client over the telephone or give quick advice face to face where appropriate.
Generalist Adviser- this involves interviewing clients face to face or over the telephone and giving options based on the issues they face. It may also include practical help such as letter writing, making ‘phone calls and completing forms. 
Receptionist- As a reception worker you will: greet clients and other visitors and perform other roles such as answering the telephone inputting data and scanning.
Research and Campaigner– use evidence from our clients experience to lobby for by influencing local and national policy.
Trustee- Trustees have overall legal responsibility for a charity,ensuring that it is doing the job that it was established to do.

To find out about volunteering in Hull call 01482 324655
To find out more about volunteering in the East Riding please call:
Goole 01482 720866
Bridlington 01262 605644

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