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Head Office
The Healthy Living Centre
Bradbury House
Porter Street

Age UK Hull operates totally independent of the national charity and is a Brand Partner. The main source of funding is derived from the Trading arm of the organisation which funds the core staff within the organisation. Fundraising is another income source to support services for older people within the organisation. The organisation is a Charity with a Chief Executive who is accountable to a Board of Trustees. We apply for grants to manage specific projects and the main source of our funding is provided by Hull City Council for Fall's Prevention, Day Opportunities, Advocacy and Befriending. We have been successful for the last 3 year years in obtaining grants from E-On, where fuel, food poverty and keeping warm in winter are the main focus. Age UK Hull supports any person 50+ on a number of levels and provides a generic information and advice service on range of topics which includes Benefit advice. The Ethos of the organisation is to promote healthy lifestyles and support older people to live longer more fulfilling lives. Older people are treated with dignity and respect and Age UK provide the opportunity for older people to access good quality advice. The Healthy Living Centre delivers a variety of programmes on diet, exercise, educational and social groups. The organisation also promotes healthy lifestyles through health information, advice leaflets, health awareness, campaigns, surgeries and events. The emphasis and focus is to capture as many older people and raise awareness about their entitlement to benefits and supporting older people to access the correct information and make informed choices regarding their future.

Who can access the services?

Any person 50+ would be able to make an enquiry regarding benefit uptake. An assessment would initially be undertaken of the service user's query to diagnose if the service user meets the criteria. Appropriate information, advice or support would then be tailored according the needs of the individual.

The Service is available to anyone in the HU1 to 9 area of Hull.

The service can be accessed at:-

The Healthy Living Centre, Porter Street


Holderness Road Methodist Church


Any person can access our service, who requires independent information or advice on any issue they face. Isolated and lonely services users who are unable to attend in person can arrange for a home assessment. A Carer or family member and other professional in the community may access our service.

How can the services be accessed?

Drop In to each location
Arrange appointment
Face Book
In Person

As an open access service, people engage in a variety of ways. Telephone and drop-in to the two main offices are the two most popular routes. Service users make appointments for a home visit. Referrals can be made by service user's themselves and other professionals.

Initial contact is made via the Administration telephone number, where a member of the Community Team will take the initial details of the referral and pass the information on to the appropriate person to deal with the enquiry. Response times after initial point of contact are dependent on staff availability and the severity of the situation.


Holderness Road Methodist Church Information and Advice Service

9.30am - 4pm. Monday - Friday.

The Healthy Living Centre, Porter Street

9am - 4pm.

The first Thursday every month - 11am - 1pm Benefits Surgery (drop in or appointment).

Out of hour's national help-line available 24/7.

Homes visits, telephone advice, information leaflets, in person, community events are all methods of how the service is delivered.

General information and/or news:

Details of benefits surgeries appear on a televised information screen in the main reception area. Local media is used to promote details. Facebook and Twitter are used to inform those who have access to the internet. Local radio and T.V are used to highlight and promote specific topics to inform the local public. Events are publicised where referrals can be gathered and then referred to the Benefits Advisor.

Details of donation sites and fundraising pages:

You can donate to Age UK Hull here.

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