Consumer Information

When you buy goods or services, from a washing machine to a holiday, from a mobile phone contract to a builder, choosing your utility provider or buying a secondhand car; you have rights as a consumer.

These rights either come from the law relating to that area, or from a contract relating to those goods or services. When looking for help in resolving a consumer dispute it is important to look at when you bought the goods (when did you sign a contract or pay?), how you bought them (was it over the phone or online, on your doorstep, in a store?), how you paid for them (was finance used for any part of the transaction? A credit card or loan?), what if any contract did you sign, what other information was provided to you when you purchased (in person, by post or by email from supplier), and what is the issue you are experiencing, what outcome do you want to your issue?

All of the above may effect what your rights are, and you should have as much of this information to hand as possible when seeking advice or information. A good place to start is calling Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 03454 040506

Follow Citizens Advice to find out about this year's National Consumer Week which starts on 28 November

This year is about getting millions of consumers 'Switched On' to their rights and product safety when buying electrical goods 

If you have a Consumer issue there is information and details of advice providers available below.

General Consumer Advice Providers what's this?

Citizens Advice, Hull and East Riding
Citizens Advice, Hull and East Riding is an independent charity providing free advice for the problems people face, helping them find a way forward
Hull Advice
Hull Advice is part of Hull City Council's Customer Service team. It provides a drop in service for Hull residents that gives advice on a whole range of issues including benefits, debt, housing, family, community care and employment. The Hull Advice team works on behalf of the customer, even if the customer has a dispute with the Council.

Consumer Information Advice Providers what's this?

Age UK Hull
Age UK Hull: promoting independent living and active ageing in Hull, and local services for local people.