Research and Campaigns

Research and Campaigning

We work together to use our client's experience to identify common causes of the problems our clients are facing and campaign for change.

Examples of successful campaigns include:

The ability to pay for your TV licence monthly. It was identified that it was very difficult for people on low incomes to find a large amount to pay their TV Licence annually, and when our clients failed to find the money, they were subject to criminal proceedings (TV Licence fines) this policy was criminalising those on low incomes and the solution was to allow monthly payments.

Payday Lenders now acting under tougher rules- Payday lenders were treating their clients unfairly and the industry was failing to deal with these practices. From April the 1st2014 the Financial Conduct Authority introduced new rules for Payday Lenders, which they must abide by.

Age UK regularly survey their service user's to find out relevant information and use that information to shape service delivery or contribute towards grant applications for funding. We regularly fill out surveys for partner and national organisations to ensure the wider views of older people are considered when strategic planning and community development are taking place. We provide statistical figures to our Age UK Nationally so the Government can be influenced in policies regarding older people. Currently campaigned on the Care Bill and Money Matters. Age UK Hull staff regularly hold meetings with local M.Ps to discuss older people's concerns and raise issues around social policy. You can follow Age UK Campaigns on twitter@ageukcampaigns

The Royal British Legion carries out surveys and information gathering such as mental health, alcohol misuse, Gulf War etc.

 The Hull People's Premium:

This is a free text messaging service that sends texts about money saving tips and ideas directly to your mobile phone. To start receiving texts you need to register and it's very easy to do. Just text HPP to 60999. The cost of the text will be exactly the same as your standard text price. You will then receive information about products and services that will help you manage your money or give information on value for money offers.


By taking part in our surveys, or filling out one of our advice feedback forms (which are anonymous and can be used as case studies to highlight the work we are doing and how our agencies’ support has affected your situation) you are helping to prevent the same thing happening to someone else.

If you fill out a feedback form, you are also helping the agency which helped you to ensure they give good service, and to demonstrate the impact their services have for clients.

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