Employment Information

If you are concerned about a situation at work, unsure of what your rights are relating to pay, time off, conditions at work, or are being dismissed, made redundant or facing disciplinary action, then the information below may be able to help you.

You should be aware that there are time limits in relation to how long you have to raise some issues with employers, so you should seek advice or take action as soon as you become aware of the problem.

If you are a member of a trade union, you should seek advice from them first, as they are often a source of specialist (and often free) legal advice on employment matters for members.

If you have an Education issue, from Primary School admissions to a problem with your university course, there is information available below, and advice may be available from the following partnership agencies.

If your issue relates to disability rights or disability discrimination in education or employment, including Special Educational Needs, please also see that section of this website.

If you have a Employment issue there is information and details of advice providers available below.

General Employment Advice Providers what's this?

Cherry Tree Community Association
The mission of The Cherry Tree Community association is to provide top quality legal advice and assistance in welfare benefits, debt advice, consumer advice, employment advice and advocacy in order to set the best outcome for our clients.
Choices & Rights Disability Coalition
Choices & Rights Disability Coalition (CARDC) started in 1992 as a small voluntary campaigning group with no staff, resources or office and has developed into the leading disability organisation in the Hull & East Riding Area. Choices & Rights only allow disabled people to be members of the management board and is managed 100% by disabled people.
Citizens Advice, Hull and East Riding
Citizens Advice, Hull and East Riding is an independent charity providing free advice for the problems people face, helping them find a way forward
Hull Advice
Hull Advice is part of Hull City Council's Customer Service team. It provides a drop in service for Hull residents that gives advice on a whole range of issues including benefits, debt, housing, family, community care and employment. The Hull Advice team works on behalf of the customer, even if the customer has a dispute with the Council.
JC Ready 4 Work. Ltd
JC Ready 4 Work Ltd is a non-profit organisation which was established in 2012 to provide mentoring programs for individuals with multiple barriers to employment and personal well-being within the local communities of Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire. These could be in the form of IT assistance, personal development, first aid courses, help gaining CSCS cards, or just assistance in improving confidence. We tailor our help to the individual more than we make the individual fit a pattern, so our assistance to those in need is very varied.

Employment Information Advice Providers what's this?

Goodwin Development Trust / The Royal British Legion
We are a locally controlled and accountable organisation, committed to improving the Quality of Life within communities through identifying and addressing the needs of local people and by working in partnership with them and with statutory, voluntary and professional organisations.