Part of advice work is trying to improve the systems that cause the problems our clients seek help for. We gather information on what the issues are, who they affect, and what causes them, then we use that information to campaign for changes to improve systems and make them fairer. If you have been affected by a Benefits Sanction, we’d like to her more about it. This information will be used anonymously by the Advice Forward Partnership. Survey: Has your benefit been sanctioned? Share your experience with us –


Long term health issues- mental health  

Long term health issues- physical health  

No reason- the sanction was fair  

I had a job interview, or part time work  

I was ill  

I was not given the right information  

The information I was given was not correct  

I did not understand the information given to me  

I could not do as instructed due to lack of money for transport  

I could not do as instructed due to lack access to phone  

I could not do as instructed due to lack access to internet/computer  

Other- Please state  

If Yes:

If No:

Didn’t know how  

Missed the time limit  

Didn’t feel it would change anything  

Other- Please state  

Needed food parcels  

Went without food  

Was unable to provide for children or dependents  

Unable to pay for gas/electricity  

Behind with rent  

Threatened with eviction  

Was fed/housed by friends/family  

Borrowed money from friends/family  

Borrowed money from high interest lender  

Borrowed money from a loan shark  

Sold possessions to raise money  

Engaged in shoplifting/theft  

Other- Please state  

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